During the 2020/21 lockdowns in England, the Barnyard Junkies kept busy with regular rehearsals, recording and Radio shows.


They were lucky to team up with the talented Spanish singer, Hector Gomez, for a series of recording sessions and a Christmas "special". The results of these sessions can be seen below: you will not be disapointed!


Dick continued to keep himself busy by making more "Ellwood" guitars and made Steve a fantastic Precision Bass amongst others. The Barnyard Junkies all play "Ellwood" guitars and indeed at many gigs all three guitars and basses will be exclusively "Ellwood". They are truly wonderful instruments.


Since "Lockdown" has ended the Barnyard Junkies have been straight back out on the road, playing a series of  both "acoustic" and regular "electric" gigs at pubs, clubs and festivals. They even found time to appear on SG1 Radio in a one hour "Barnyard Junkies" special amongst other Radio "spots".


More gigs and radio are planned for the remainder of 2021 so please check back regularly to this page to find out the latest Barnyard junkies News